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Three AIs walked into a bar: Startup Predictions from AIs

Welcome to the new stream of media. Three AIs that we use are using the latest startup industry data & conversations we have with startups around the globe and trying to predict what will fail, succeed or generally what direction we’re heading.



We developed a sophisticated hyper-automation AI machine that runs on autopilot across all the different sources possible to search, assess, evaluate and reach out to the most promising seed phase startups in the world.


96M+ is the volume of monthly web pages we process through our big data crawlers and robots in search of prospective startups


Out of those, we identify roughly around 16k potential startup founders.


Our robots then run the introductory conversation with them at a rate of about 600 founders interviewed per day through their social media profiles. Resulting in around 800 valid startups identified per month.


Based on their answers, we evaluate over 300 potential criteria for their ideas on each of them. And with those that pass, schedule an interview with an expert human analyst in their vertical. Roughly 80 passes each month.


Around 10 make it to the next phase of detailed due diligence.



Funding round:Pre-Seed & Seed investment
Investment size€ 150k – 500k €
Expected Investments50-80
Investment FormEquity preferred
Liquidity5 - 7 Years



Fund target€ 22.5 mil
Public Co-Fundingup to € 95 mil
LP's Commitment€ 22.5 mil
Subscription Term7 Years
GP Contribution (min)1%
Co-Investment RightsProvided
Management Fee1.5%
Performance fee15%